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We've compiled our most common FAQs below. Please use for reference when beginning a new project and at various stages in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions - Getting Started

Yes. Measurements allow us to provide you with an accurate quote. 

No. In most cases we can send someone out to your home to take measurements for you, free of charge.

Granite is a natural stone, Quartz is a man made product consisting of 93% quartz 7% resin and binders. Quartz has more predictability from slab to slab. Granite because it is a natural stone has less predictability but typically has a more bold flow and variation of colors within the slab. Granite is installed with a 15 year dry treat sealer. Quartz you do not have to seal. We do not recommend putting hot pans, plates or heat emitting appliances on either material.

Yes. We have two separate financing options available. Ask your sales rep which option will work best for you.

Yes we do. We can provide you with a 16g stainless steel sink, 16g handmade sink or granite composite for your kitchen. For your bath, we have rectangle, oval or vessels available. We have samples on site in our showroom.

Yes we do. We can provide your with a faucet for your kitchen or bathroom. We have samples on site in our showroom.

Yes, for quartz only. Granite changes so much from bundle to bundle and slab to slab that a sample could be completely different than that the slab you choose. Because Quartz has more predictability we can allow you to take home a sample. We just ask that you return them within a week.

Frequently Asked Questions - Template

Yes. You will be making final decisions and signing off on the final measurements, overhangs, edge profile, seam placement, splash height etc. Please be sure someone who can answer these questions are present.

Yes. Please be sure all items are cleared off before the arrival of your template technician.

Yes. If you purchase your sink outside of Rock Solid Creations, please have it on site the day of your template. Your template technician will be taking you sink back to the shop with them. We ask that you give the technician your sink basin only, all other parts should stay at your home.

Yes. If using a cooktop, please have it on site. If you cannot have it there for template, the spec sheet with cutout dimensions for your specific unit will be required to be provided to your technician.

Yes. If you are opting for a farm sink, it must be MOUNTED prior to template. The cabinet company will typically mount it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions - Installation

Yes. Rock Solid Creations is not responsible for any disconnection or reconnection of plumbing or electricity. This should be done by a licensed plumber or electrician.

In most cases yes, please be sure installers have access to ample parking for their truck and trailers. If a driveway is not accessible, please verify with your HOA that we can park in your street.

Yes. Please have your countertops cleared off prior to the arrival of your installation team.

Yes. Please remove the drawers from your cabinets prior to the arrival of your installation team.

This is optional but preferred. The installion process can be a bit dusty. Clearing your cabinet contents will help protect them. If you cannot remove your contents, covering the contents with a cloth can help with them getting dirty.

Yes. If you are providing your own faucet, it must be at the jobsite for installers to know what size holes to drill.

In the event you have an elevated bar, Rock Solid Creations will supply 1/4″ steel plate to support your new bar. If you prefer decorative corbels, please have them installed prior to the installation of the elevated bar. A gap will be present underneath the bar that will need to be trimmed out by a handyman.

Yes. Please have those additional items on site the day of your installation.

Frequently Asked Questions - Countertop Care/Miscellaneous

No. Our installation comes with a 15 year dry treat sealer. As long as you are using mild soaps and natural products your sealant should last many years.

Clean your granite countertops with a few drops of neutral cleaner, stone soap, or a mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. AVOID any cleaners with Ammonia, lemon, citrus, vinegar or acids. Do not use scouring powders or liquids, if you need to scrub the surface, a plastic scouring sponge/pad, some warm water, some good old fashioned elbow grease and mild dishwashing soap should work just fine. Please blot up spills immediately. Because granite is a porous material it can stain after prolonged exposure to natural and/or synthetic dyes and colorings such as wine, spices, makeup, hair dye, food coloring etc.

Maintaining your new quartz countertops is easy. Simply use a soft cloth and warm water. Use a mild dishwashing soap if needed. Quartz countertops are non-porous so spills and stains should not absorb into the surface making it stain resistant. Sometimes spills dry on countertops. Use a blunt scraper to remove any materials or spills that have hardened, then clean with a houshold vinegar/water solution or with a non-abrasive liquid cleaner and rinse thoroughly with clean water.